Mossy.Earth Replenishing the Earth’s Trees and Forests


One of the best ways to deliver real environmental change and make a positive impact on the state of the planet’s wildernesses and forests is by taking up efforts to plant trees. This type of effort has never been more important with humans cutting down an average of 15 billion trees each year.

This is where Mossy.Earth comes into play. The new organization allows individuals to plant trees and see their positive impact. They achieve this by providing the GPS coordinates and photo of the tree when planted as well as regular updates on growth and rewilding progress. For businesses, currently Mossy Earth’s main focus, the company works on creating unique product and service selling points, generating brand value, fulfilling corporate social responsibility and delivering on genuine sustainability improvements.

For example, with the “green wedding” package, Mossy.Earth will plant one tree for every thirty guests – resulting in an offset of about 22kg of carbon dioxide per year.

Mossy.Earth is planting its first 7,000 trees this fall and works with clients that range from yoga retreats, travel agencies, e-commerce sites, wedding planners, and even a super cool upcycled bags company.

When it comes to using a .Earth domain name, the organization actually found .Earth first, then came up with its name (Mossy) – a reversal from most .Earth domain name users typically do.

“Our company name actually comes from the .Earth domain,” said Duarte. “We needed a name that shows what we intend to do, and we looked at it the other way around starting with the .Earth domain. And, it’s a great talking point for us, and people react very positively to the name Mossy.Earth. We are happy to have a cool .Earth name on our hands now.”

Here are some other key highlights from this interview:

  • Background on Mossy.Earth and the organization’s mission. (:28)
  • Insights into the new social enterprise’s carbon offsetting solutions. (1:15)
  • How Mossy.Earth partners with businesses with regards to tree planting efforts. (2:24).
  • How the Mossy.Earth name actually came about. (3:33)
  • What the future holds for Mossy.Earth. (5:12)

Are you launching a new environmental social enterprise and need inspiration for the name of your organization? Click here to secure your own .Earth domain name, and become like Mossy.Earth.


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