Access.Earth Founder Discusses Vision to Make Travel Easy for All


The most visionary entrepreneurs often create companies that fill a truly unique need in the marketplace. For many of them, the motivation for bringing their business visions to life comes directly from very personal experiences.

For example, Matt McCann had a travel experience that propelled him to develop a dynamic online platform that helps people with disabilities to book their travel. In 2012, Matt, who has cerebral palsy, booked a room in an “accessible” hotel in London, and found out that the hotel property was not very accommodating for people with disabilities when he arrived.

This experience drove him to create Access.Earth, a user-generated platform that adds and searches for data about accessibility in hotels, businesses and restaurants across the world.

To help brand Access.Earth, which is being called the TripAdvisor for people with disabilities, Matt chose to take advantage of a .Earth top-level domain.

“It makes us unique,” said McCann. “Since we have Earth in our name and we thought .Earth would make a perfect fit. It makes us stand out … and it is a great opportunity for us. It’s a great talking point, as well.”

As we highlighted before, Access.Earth was part of the original .Earth top-level domain Founder’s Program, which was designed to give passionate organizations and individuals an opportunity to secure .Earth domains before they officially launched to the public in November 2015.

In the near future, Access.Earth will be launching a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows, and it aims to integrate a hotel-booking engine right into the app.

The organization serves as an ideal case study for how to effectively use the .Earth domain extension in ways that support overall branding and the mission. As such, we applaud all of the momentum that Access.Earth has recently gained.

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