Blueturn.Earth Creating a Profound Change in How Humans View Earth


Many astronauts have experienced a phenomenon called the “overview effect,” a cognitive shift in awareness that comes from viewing Earth from outer space. As a result, these fortunate astronauts developed a more profound love and appreciation for our planet, and realized that national boundaries and conflicts that divide people are not important.

Blueturn.Earth wants everyone to experience the “overview effect,” which could have a tremendously positive impact on humanity overall. To do this, the organization created a website and mobile app to provide a unique, intimate and interactive experience of the Whole Earth in rotation, captured from outer space.

Inspired by Al Gore’s vision of launching a satellite that offers a complete view of Earth, Michael and Jean-Pierre created the first video of Whole Earth and ultimately brought the former Vice President’s dream of bringing the beauty of our planet to the Internet. When Michael and Jean-Pierre showcased their technology in movie theaters, people were tremendously overcome with emotion, and actually cried.

With the wonderful mission in mind, Michael and Jean-Pierre found that a .Earth domain was a perfect fit for changing how people view the planet.

“We want to inspire people by showing them Earth as it is from space – in all its beauty and authenticity,” said Michael and Jean-Pierre. “And as we connect more humans emotionally to the Earth, it in turns, encourages people to protect our world. The .Earth domain reinforces this branding and helps us to get our message across to a larger audience that also care about the future of our planet.”

Following are some highlights from this podcast overview:

  • Earth’s mission, and how the idea for it came about from Al Gore. (1:03)
  • How Blueturn.Earth is bringing the “overview effect” to all of humanity. (4:07)
  • The business model behind Blueturn.Earth. (8:33)
  • Why Blueturn.Earth chose to use a .Earth domain. (12:12)
  • What the future holds for Blueturn.Earth. 13:24)

To learn more about Blueturn.Earth, please click here. And, if you are launching a website or mobile app that highlights the beauty of the Earth, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.



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