GBS.Earth Aims to Create a Low Carbon Bioeconomy


The amount of carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels is projected to hit 37 billion tons this year, setting another record high – pointing to a critical need for alternative solutions.

In order to help us move away from our fossil fuel dependence, Cynthia Thyfault, founder and CEO of Global Biofuture Solutions, created a company that addresses the growing need to rapidly create a low carbon bioeconomy by developing and managing a suite of high-quality tools and services that can accelerate rapid deployment both domestically and internationally.

The term “bioeconomy” refers to marketable products and energy, such as chemicals, fuels, power and materials, that are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine and forestry materials that provide an alternative to conventional petroleum-derived products.

Global Biofuture Solutions brings an intimate knowledge of the energy market – renewables and clean technologies – with an extensive pool of national and international intellectual resources that includes government funding, banking, bond financing, engineering, real estate, legal, and marketing.

Cynthia chose a .Earth domain not only because of its brand value, but also because of her deep love of nature.

“I grew up on a farm surrounded by nature and have a strong connection to the Earth and its preservation,” said Cynthia. “That’s why the .Earth domain works really well for us – it not only strongly represents my love for the planet, but it also highlights the organization’s dedication to the development and deployment of low carbon technologies worldwide.”

She also is a “proud member” of the .Earth tribe, and is an advocate for protecting tigers with other .Earth domains. For example, TigerTracks.Earth and Dancing with the Tigers (dwtt.Earth) are two efforts that Global Biofuture Solutions helps to fund.

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • What is the bioeconomy, and why it is important. (:54)
  • A high-level overview of Global Biofuture Solutions and its mission. (3:51)
  • Why Global Biofuture Solutions chose to use a .Earth domain. (7:26)
  • More about Cynthia’s other .Earth domains. (9:09)
  • What the future holds for Global Biofuture Solutions. (11:56)

To learn more about Global Biofuture Solutions, please click here. In addition, if you are launching a company aiming to boost the emerging bioeconomy, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please click here.


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