Mandin.Earth Offers Art and Unconventional Thinking for a Better World


Art expresses the emotions and struggles of the society it exists within, and inspires society to cope and even overcome challenges. It is often the most creative thinkers and visionaries who help to shape a brighter future for our planet.

With that in mind, Mandin.Earth was created to help translate experiences we have as humans, such as the environmental crisis, into art so we can better understand the world around us.

To do this, the organization brings together friends, artists and designers with a shared vision for experimentation, nature and non-conventional thinking. Their work ranges from sculpture and graphic design to material exploration and programming.

For example, Mandin.Earth created a new, sustainable material made from 100 percent recycled plastics, which is being used to produce skateboard decks. The organization is making these decks open source so that anyone can produce them for free.

Mandin.Earth chose a .Earth domain because of its ability to bring people together from all parts of the globe.

“Sustainability is one the foundations, motivations and values that we incorporate into all of our work, so a .Earth domain made sense,” said Jason. “Also, we all come from different countries, and worked in various places, and have an urge to do things globally. It also relates to the emotional idea that we are all one big family.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • High-level overview of Mandin.Earth, and how the idea came about. (:58)
  • About Mandin.Earth’s 100 percent recycled plastic open-source skateboard decks. (2:46)
  • About other Mandin.Earth art projects. (9:54)
  • Why Mandin.Earth chose to use a .Earth domain. (12:12)
  • What the future holds for Mandin. (16:00)

If you are on a mobile device, you can listen to this podcast interview below:


To learn more about Mandin.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are creating art that brings people together for a sustainable future, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please click here.


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