Nowet the Greenway is the Official Winner of the .Earth Domain Sweepstakes


In the following Voices.Earth podcast interview, we speak with Rebecca Wehrle from Nowet the Greenway, a pioneer in waterless wash, wax, polish and sealant solutions for automobiles, RVs, airplanes and more. Nowet the Greenway is also the official winner of the .Earth domain sweepstakes.

Here’s a little-known fact. It takes nearly 200 gallons of water to wash a car, and the vast majority of the water becomes contaminated and ends up in our rivers, lakes and other waterways.

This is why, in 1994, Bob and Jerilyn Wehrle came up with the idea of Nowet the Greenway, the first eco-friendly waterless cleaning solution for any vehicle. Despite many not believing in their vision, the company has grown tremendously with loyal followers and distributors all around the globe – in even South Korea and the Middle East.

With an inspiring vision that matches the .Earth domain pledge, we are excited to officially announce that Nowet the Greenway is the winner of the .Earth domain sweepstakes.

As we highlighted at the launch of the contest, the winner of the sweepstakes can select a .Earth domain name that supports their overall missions, business models, and online branding.

This is exactly the plan for Nowet the Greenway, who will be using the .Earth domain for its core corporate website – to help expand the company’s network of detailing businesses that use the waterless cleaning solutions.

“We needed something that represents our company and brand, not only locally but globally too. What better way to do this than to have ‘Earth’ after our company name.”

We would like to congratulate Nowet the Greenway for being the official winner of the .Earth domain sweepstakes! Your history of success in the green business arena is certainly inspiring, and we hope many other eco-entrepreneurs take a page from your playbook.

Please click here to secure your own .Earth domain, and join our effort to “fight back in the name of Earth” in 2017!


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