Offset.Earth Makes It Easy for Everyone to Address the Climate Crisis


With today’s climate crisis coming into the forefront more every day, people are seeking out new ways to address this issue. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or resources to dedicate our entire lives to saving our planet.

This is where Offset.Earth comes into play. For less than what it costs to purchase a cup of coffee a week, you can contribute to the reforestation of Earth through the platform’s subscription service. For example, for only $6.50 per month, 12 new trees will be planted each month, and one carbon footprint will be removed each year.

The organization is also fully aligned with saving the planet, while balancing its operational efforts. For example, 87.5 percent of revenue received goes directly to Offset.Earth’s planet saving projects.

While Offset.Earth is only eight months old, it’s already making a tangible impact. For example, in Madagascar, the organization is funding the replanting of two million mangroves through its partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

The use of a .Earth domain name is also fully aligned with its overall mission.

“It’s just so fitting and it’s really beautiful, and it communicates what we are really all about – at the point of seeing our website online,” said Eliot. “I don’t think .com is available and I don’t care. I don’t want that. I wanted Offset.Earth, and it’s fitting.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • More about Eliot’s background, and how the organization came about. (:40)
  • Insights into the subscriptions plans that Offset.Earth offers, and its partnerships. (1:38)
  • An example of a success program in Madagascar. (3:40)
  • Why Offset.Earth chose to use a .Earth domain name. (5:21)
  • What the future holds for Offset.Earth. (6:00)

To learn more about Offset.Earth, please click here.  In addition, if you are launching an organization that aims to reforest our planet, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please click here.


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