Plan B is Holding Governments and Businesses Accountable for Climate Change


When many people think about the impact of climate change, the concept of polar bears being stranded on ice floats often comes to mind. While protecting animals is important, the impact of global warming on humans is dire as well – often spelling the difference between life and death, and war and peace.

Many of the droughts and extreme weather conditions that are happening all over the world are a direct result of climate change. This is becoming a catalyst for the Syrian Civil War and other humanitarian catastrophes where resources necessary for human survival have become limited.

The Paris Agreement aims to limit global warming to 1.5 to 2 degree Celsius, however we are on course to experience a temperature increase of 3 to 4 degree Celsius. The main issue is that there is no accountability for governments and global business to change their actions to meet this goal.

This is where Plan B comes into play. The organization is establishing a networked movement that supports NGOs and other organizations to enact legal action to keep everyone accountable for climate change.

The organization also uses a .Earth domain extension to provide very clear branding behind its mission – especially when dealing with a highly complex topic. And just as Plan B was launching last year, the .Earth domain went live.

“It seemed like a really good omen that just as we were setting this up, the .Earth top level domain became available,” said Crosland. “The domain is beautifully simple. It communicates the things that we believe in, which is protecting all forms of life. It was a very effective way for conveying what we stand for. A country-level domain would have been completely wrong for what we are trying to do.”

From a branding perspective, Crosland believes that a .Earth domain conveys integrity and a holistic attitude for looking at life as a complex interconnected system.

To learn more about Plan B and get involved in help to ensure a safe future for everyone, please click here. In addition, if you own an organization that is also making the world a better place, we recommend securing your own .Earth domain. Please click here to secure your domain now.


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