Planet Alpha Corp. Offers Transformative Carbon Offsetting Solutions


In order to ensure the survival of our planet, we need to take collective action to reduce carbon emissions and green house gases (GHG) by developing new and innovative ways to enhance forest growth through proper planetary management.

Planet Alpha Corp. (PlanetAlphaForest.Earth) is effectively meeting this need by creating new forest carbon products that are available to buyers worldwide. The company offers GHG measurement infrastructure, GHG pricing, and GHG products that integrate multiple economic and social factors to reduce emissions. Planet Alpha Corp. also just announced a new carbon securities investment opportunity for supporting forest projects.

In addition, the company is an avid user of the .Earth domain, which supports its overall business mission and vision.

“Our view is that the Earth is our planetary home, and we are a company that wants to define a new business paradigm that addresses this fact,” said Bruno. “The .Earth domain was a natural domain for us to have.”

Here are some additional highlights from this interview:

  • The vision and mission behind Planet Alpha Corp. (1:00)
  • Insights into the Planet Alpha “4-Step” process. (2:00)
  • An update on company’s current projects. (6:50)
  • Why they chose to use a .Earth domain name. (10:16)
  • What the future holds for Planet Alpha Corp. (11:00)

If your company is also striving to create new economical ways to ensure the survival of our planet, please click here to secure very your own .Earth domain name.


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