VillageoftheFuture.Earth Aims to Birth the New Earth Paradigm (Part 2)


It takes visionaries to help guide humanity towards a brighter future. And, it seems that these kinds of people emerge when we need it the most. From the global pandemic to the planet’s resources being depleted to large-scale civil unrest, we are at a time when we need to re-imagine how we interact with Earth.

Daan Gorter, founder of VillageoftheFuture.Earth, is one of these visionaries. He is proposing that people can live to their fullest potential – peacefully and purposefully – through its new eco-village that will be built in Brazil. Ultimately, he is aiming to build a network of eco-villages where people live and co-create in harmony with their environment and their fellow citizens.

In part two of our podcast series with Daan, he provides an update on the Village of the Future, and discusses his profound love of Earth. He is also in the process of launching a newsletter called Gaia Net, which will be ultimately be hosted on GaiaNet.Earth. You can listen to part one of this interview series here.

Following are highlights from our latest interview with Daan:

  • About Daan’s background and his passion for birthing this new Earth paradigm. (1:03)
  • An update on the Village of the Future. (2:00)
  • How Daan is working with a dynamic team to bring the Village of the Future to life. (4:15)
  • How Daan will be launching GaiaNet.Earth on September 1st. (5:16)
  • Where Daan’s love of Earth comes from. (7:26)
  • What the future holds for Village of the Future. (10:19)

To learn more about VillageoftheFuture.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are a visionary looking to build out a new way for humanity to interact with Mother Earth, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please click here.



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