Wiz.Earth Offers Microbiological Services for Enhancing Soil Quality


In the gardening and horticulture arena, the most optimal soil conditions serve as the foundation for any growing effort, whether it’s for an urban garden or a personal garden in a suburban environment.

Much like fermented live-culture foods that are gaining popularity at farmer’s markets, there are also solutions to help with the soil health through the development of nutrient-rich microbes.

Wizard Technologies aims to meet this growing need for microbiological services that create an ideal soil environment for optimal growing. The company also offers specialty mushroom kits that allow hobbyists to develop gourmet edible fungi – think home brewing of beer, but for mushrooms.

In addition, the company uses a .Earth domain name for its Wiz.Earth website. After searching for a .com and .tech, Christopher realized that .Earth was a better a fit for the mission and vision behind his brand.

“.com is not a commercial behind the passion and principle of the work I am doing with Wizard Technologies,” said Christopher. “.Earth just seemed much more appropriate.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • More about Christopher’s background. (:45)
  • How the idea for Wizard Technologies came about. (1:03)
  • More about the company’s Anaerobic Beneficials Culture (ABC) soil enhancement solution. (2:38)
  • Insights into Wizard Technologies’ gourmet and specialty mushroom kits. (5:29)
  • Why Christopher chose to use a .Earth domain name. (7:07)
  • What the future holds for Wiz.Earth. (9:00)

To learn more about Wiz.Earth, please click here.  In addition, if you are launching a company that supports gardening and horticulture, and would like to launch your website using a .Earth domain name, please click here.


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