A Gamechanger: Long-Term Offtake Agreements For Carbon Removal Projects


Puro.Earth’s 6th Annual Carbon Removal Ecosystem Meeting to Highlight Value of Purchasing of Carbon Credits at Future Price Points

In the last year, there has been significant corporate demand for carbon removal in the immediate term, but the market is still supply constrained and many projects will only produce carbon removal in the 12-to-24-month timeframe.

The supply crunch will get worse as awareness keeps spreading exponentially for companies and organizations who have pledged to net zero in the coming years and are scrambling to fulfill those commitments.

A key solution is long-term offtake carbon agreements, which are legal contracts in where a buyer agrees to purchase a set amount of carbon credits at set price points several years into the future.

Essentially, long-term offtake carbon agreements will provide buyers a balance between short-term needs and long-term planning, which will enable more projects to raise equity and obtain loans to start or expand.

This will be the key theme of Puro.Earth’s 6th annual Carbon Removal Ecosystem Meeting, which is taking place on April 6th. The online event will feature an impressive lineup of speakers from Zurich Insurance Group, Carbon Direct, Invert and Valence Solutions, who are doing their part to grow carbon removal worldwide, now and in the long-term.

In 2020, we hosted a Voices.Earth podcast interview with Elba Horta, who manages Business Development and Content Marketing for Puro.Earth, about how his organization is the world’s first marketplace for carbon removal.

The organization helps companies around the world to reverse climate change by removing their carbon emissions from the atmosphere, as well as producing carbon-neutral products for its customers.

As highlighted in what will be covered in the upcoming 6th annual Carbon Removal Ecosystem Meeting, clearly this vision and mission is living on today for Puro.Earth. Don’t miss out, and register for the meeting here today!

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