DemocracyLab Holding Web Challenge for Earth Day 2022


As organizers prepare for Earth Day 2022, another organization called DemocracyLab has created an innovative 48 Hour Earth Day hackathon challenge asking for people and organizations everywhere to contribute their talent to tech-for-good projects that benefit the planet.

The Challenge will begin at the stroke of midnight on Friday, April 22nd in Auckland, New Zealand and end 48 hours later at 11:59 pm on Howland Island. The event is in collaboration with Code for All. Together these organizations engage thousands of volunteers worldwide who are committed to using technology for public good.

During the 48 hours, teams of talented technologists will tackle tough problems and work together to research, design and build innovative tech solutions. The Challenge organizers are not looking to solve complex problems overnight, but are hoping to help existing projects make incremental progress, assist new efforts to launch boldly, and empower everyone with the privileges of time and talent to become agents of change.

One organization that has already joined the Challenge is Model.Earth, which offers a model for estimating life cycle environmental performance of all U.S. goods and services. The organization encourages users to build Lifecycle Tools with U.S. EPA widgets to help reduce negative environmental impacts through local innovation.

As Model.Earth is a part of the growing .Earth domain tribe, we encourage other organizations participating in the 48 hour Challenge to consider a .Earth domain to showcase their efforts. By securing a new .Earth domain, it will signal that your DemocracyLab project is fully committed to address today’s most challenging environmental issues.

In addition, stay tuned for our annual .Earth Day promotion. By using a .Earth domain, it helps to signal that your organization is committed to enhancing the betterment of life for all living creatures on our planet.

The .Earth domain offers an ideal platform for companies and organizations that are helping to address today’s environmental challenges. Click here to secure your own .Earth domain.




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