Biochar: Promising Method for Carbon Removal


Members of the .earth web domain tribe already advancing solutions in this arena

 To curb climate change, it is not only important to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, but also to expand the use of carbon dioxide removal in order to keep temperatures below a 2 degrees Celsius increase this century. This is the goal set by the Paris Climate Agreement.

Carbon removal is the process of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locking it away for decades, centuries, or millennia. One innovative carbon removal technology showing promise today is the production of biochar, a charcoal-like material that is produced from plant materials such as grass, agricultural and forest residues that are decomposed at high temperatures.

As the materials burn, they release little to no contaminating fumes and is turned into a stable form of carbon that can’t easily escape into the atmosphere. And when added to soil, biochar improves plant growth and enhances crop yields, increasing food production and sustainability in areas with depleted soils.

Within our the .earth web domain tribe, there are several organizations working with biochar as a method of carbon removal including:

  • Sitos.Earth: The organization repurposes agricultural waste materials to generate high-quality biochar and build a more regenerative future. Learn more here.
  • Below2.Earth: The organization’s mission is to create the best data-driven offsetting solution to fight climate change better and more efficiently, which includes using biochar. Learn more here.
  • Accend.Earth: The organization’s mission is to accelerate the growth of the carbon removal industry, including with the use of biochar.Learn more here.
  • Puro.Earth: The organization helps companies globally in their science-based journey to net-zero and to accelerate the carbon removal economy, including with biochar. Learn more here.

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