Biodegradable Plastics a Viable Solution to Plastic Pollution?


In a groundbreaking study from the University of California San Diego, in collaboration with Algenesis, researchers discovered that biodegradable plastics represent a significant step toward resolving the persistent issue of plastic pollution.

Plant-based plastic can immensely reduce the environmental footprint of plastics by ensuring complete biodegradation at the microplastic level in less than seven months – an advancement that heralds a new era for eco-friendly materials.

As we have highlighted before, microplastics, the tiny fragments that break off from conventional plastic products, have become a critical environmental and health concern. They have made their way into our oceans, soil, and disturbingly, into human bodies – found in arteries, lungs, and even placentas.

The development of fully biodegradable plant-based polymers presents a substantial advancement by effectively eliminating the risk of microplastic persistence to drastically reduce the detrimental effects of plastic degradation.

Within the .earth tribe, we have several organizations working towards a more plastic-free and sustainable planet, including:

  • BeyondPlast.Earth: BeyondPlast believes there is life beyond plastic, and offers sustainable, biodegradable products that are not only beautiful in their function but also a perfect substitute for the plastics we use in our everyday lives. Learn more here.
  • BeingHumanity.Earth: Being Humanity is an initiative to help the wider jewelry industry to do its part to reduce its very large volumes of plastic waste accumulation by promoting the use of compostable plastic bags. Learn more here.
  • Tocco.Earth: Tocco is building the most extensive regenerative, renewable, and recycled materials hub, which redefines the way developers, designers, brands and suppliers create. Learn more here.
  • Morro.Earth: This organization created a plastic free, plant-based range of materials that are strong, natural and fully biodegradable. Their materials protect and deliver products and ingredients without harming the planet. Learn more here.

With the Earth Day 2024 theme being “Planet vs. Plastics,” we will be highlighting more content around solutions for countering today’s environmental problems regarding plastics in the coming weeks. In addition, stay tuned for more information regarding our annual .earth web domain Earth Day promotion!

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