Climate Change Fears Woven Into Fabric of Our Dreams


Today, the impact of climate change has stretched to well beyond our daily lives. It has infiltrated our subconscious minds.

According to a recent study, more than a third of Americans have dreamt about climate change at least once in their lives. Most people’s climate-related dreams involve extreme weather or natural disasters, which for many, cause distress and for some, panic, which can awaken people during sleep.

Martha Crawford created the Climate Dreams Project, which was used for developing this study. After experiencing dramatic climate-related dreams herself, she decided to launch this platform for people to share their climate dream stories.

For example, one dream submitted was about people digging holes in the desert so that the rising seas would have somewhere to go and in, another players were floating on inner-tubes in a “Flood Football” game.

It’s no surprise that climate fear has made its way into our dreams. As we highlighted last year, climate change is having a negative impact on our sleep overall. Warming temperatures are eroding 45 hours of sleep per person per year by influencing people to fall asleep later and wake up earlier.

With this past July being the hottest recorded month globally on the books, this could become an even bigger issue in the future.

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