Climate Change Impacting the Flavor of Wine?


The Time is Ripe for Wine.Earth to Help Winemakers Manage Climate Change

Climate change continues to impact the most unexpected areas of our lives. First, we highlighted how Japan’s sushi culture is under threat. Now, climate change is having an adverse effect on the flavor of wines.

According to this recent BBC article, many winemakers are concerned that climate change is robbing wines of their defining flavors, even spoiling vintages entirely. It’s been widely known that droughts and wildfires have had a negative impact on the winemaking process.

The writer of this article spent plenty of time interviewing wine experts in Bordeaux, France and in the US, California, as well as scientists at University of California, Davis. The big takeaway is that winemakers need to adapt – with new fermentation processes, as well as using canopies to protect their harvests.

While not often top of mind when it comes to the .Earth domain, there is a growing number of users the wine sector. For example, SelectionSauvage.Earth is a community for natural winemakers. Amala.Earth offers handcrafted wine bags, and GDS.Earth offers this sustainability impact report about the Bordeaux region of France.

The global wine industry needs an online community for information sharing and other resources for helping winemakers to adapt to this new reality, and Wine.Earth could be the perfect fit.

As a premium .Earth domain, Wine.Earth is currently for sale for $999.00, and it comes at the standard renewal rate. This is a great price for a premium domain, considering Green.Earth recently sold for 82,000 Euros.

Unfortunately, climate change is leaving no stone unturned in our lives, and this trajectory will likely continue. If we all work together as a collective tribe, we may be able to reverse the damage that has been done, even in the wine industry,

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