Climate Risk Disclosures Will Require a Shift in Leadership Mindset


Strong Communications Strategies Can Guide the Path Forward

With the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) officially closing the public comment period for Climate Risk Disclosures earlier this summer, experts believe now’s the time to get ready for this new financial reporting paradigm.

“Regardless of when precisely the rules are made official and the legal wrangling and tweaks ensue, there’s already a broad understanding that the SEC will mostly get its way,” said Sehrish Siddiqui, an attorney with Bass, Berry & Sims, in this Bloomberg Law Op-Ed.

Siddiqui also stated that companies should evaluate “the appropriateness of board-level oversight of climate risks.” This points to the need for potentially different perspectives from the leadership ranks, and “revising recruitment strategies to better target potential director-level hires with climate expertise.”

For companies that are re-evaluating their boards and leadership to be more climate focused, now is also the time to develop high-level communications strategies for showcasing this new way of thinking and operating.

Leadership-driven communications requires visionary thought-leadership to showcase how new board members or C-suite executives have developed a true path forward for addressing climate risk.

As we have highlighted before, companies should consider using the .Earth domain Climate Risk Disclosure-related micro-sites that showcase all thought-leadership content and messaging.

In addition, many large companies and brands have already secured their own .Earth domain names, but are not using them to showcase their sustainability efforts.

There are also a number of .Earth domain users who are offering climate risk analysis and assessment solutions to help companies get prepared for the reporting requirements.

Is your company looking to better address overall climate risk and meet these emerging mandates? The .Earth domain can serve as the foundation for branding these important efforts. Please click here to secure your very own .Earth domain.



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