Does ChatGPT Think the Earth is Flat?


2023 is certainly the year of AI with ChatGPT reaching near ubiquity in the news cycle. While many have tested ChatGPT’s knowledge on a wide-range of topic, there’s yet to be a deep-dive ChatGPT prompt into the topic of the flat Earth movement.

At Voices.Earth, we decided to take ChatGPT for a spin to uncover its opinions and perspectives on this unique topic. We hope you enjoy.

ChatGPT Prompt: Is the Earth flat?

ChatGPT Response: No, the Earth is not flat. The overwhelming scientific consensus supported by extensive evidence and observations confirms that the Earth is a roughly spherical shape. This understanding has been established for centuries and has been reinforced through various scientific disciplines such as geodesy, astronomy, and space exploration.

The concept of a flat Earth has been debunked extensively, with numerous experiments and observations providing clear evidence of Earth’s curvature. For example, the appearance of ships disappearing over the horizon, the changing position of constellations as one travels north or south, and the shape of Earth’s shadow during lunar eclipses all provide evidence for a spherical Earth.

It is important to rely on scientific evidence and credible sources when considering such matters to ensure an accurate understanding of the world around us.

ChatGPT Prompt: What is your perspective of the flat Earth Movement?

ChatGPT Response: As an AI language model, I don’t have personal perspectives or beliefs. However, I can provide information on the Flat Earth movement.

The Flat Earth movement is a belief system that asserts that the Earth is flat rather than being a sphere. Flat Earthers argue that the scientific consensus on Earth’s shape is a conspiracy and that evidence supporting a spherical Earth is fabricated or misinterpreted.

ChatGPT Prompt: But, isn’t Antarctica really an ice wall surrounding a disk-shaped Earth?

ChatGPT Response: No, Antarctica is not an ice wall surrounding a disk-shaped Earth. Antarctica is a continent located at the southernmost part of the Earth. It is a landmass covered by ice and surrounded by the Southern Ocean. It is not a wall that encircles a flat Earth.

The misconception that Antarctica is an ice wall surrounding a flat Earth is a common belief within the Flat Earth movement. However, this idea is not supported by scientific evidence. Antarctica has been extensively explored and studied by scientists from various countries. There are numerous research stations and expeditions that have provided substantial evidence of the continent’s geography and shape.

Satellite imagery, aerial surveys, and on-site exploration have shown that Antarctica is a vast landmass with varying elevations, mountain ranges, ice sheets, and glaciers. It is not a continuous ice wall surrounding the Earth.

ChatGPT Prompt: Do NASA and other government agencies conspire to fabricate evidence that the Earth is spherical?

ChatGPT Response: No, there is no evidence to support the claim that NASA or other government agencies conspire to fabricate evidence regarding the Earth’s shape. The scientific consensus that the Earth is a roughly spherical shape is supported by extensive evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, not just from NASA, but from numerous space agencies and independent researchers around the world.

ChatGPT Prompt: Does the Earth look flat to airplane pilots?

ChatGPT Response: No, the Earth does not look flat to airplane pilots. When flying at cruising altitudes, the curvature of the Earth is visible and apparent. Pilots have a clear view of the Earth’s curved horizon from their elevated vantage point.

As an airplane ascends, the horizon gradually curves away, and the curvature becomes more evident as the altitude increases. Pilots can observe this curvature, which is consistent with the spherical shape of the Earth. Furthermore, as pilots navigate long-distance flights, they take into account the Earth’s curved surface and follow great-circle routes, which are the shortest paths between two points on a sphere.

The notion of the Earth appearing flat from an airplane is a common misconception stemming from the limitations of human perception at ground level. When viewing the Earth from higher altitudes or through the use of satellite imagery, the curvature becomes readily apparent.

Well, there you have it! ChatGPT is siding with the science world when it comes to the notion of the Earth being flat.

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