.Earth Domain Case Study: Roaring.Earth Rises as Top Wildlife and Nature Media Property


The .Earth domain is embarking on a new campaign to showcase a wide-range of case studies about organizations that are experiencing tremendous value from using this very special domain.

From enhancing overall brand awareness to generating revenue and expanding their memberships, there is no shortage of .Earth domain success stories for us to share.

For our first case study, we are shining a light on Roaring.Earth, a media platform that celebrates nature and promotes global conservation.

Reaching an audience of 10 million people per month – with more than 600,000 “likes” on Facebook – Roaring.Earth publishes dozens of nature-related stories every week, and is ranked among the largest digital media properties in the world.

Roaring.Earth was also one of the first media outlet adopters of the .Earth domain, which helps support the organization’s overall holistic brand experience to be all things special about our planet.

“When we found out that we could get Roaring.Earth as a domain name, we were very inspired,” Jan Renner, the founder of Roaring.Earth, in this Voices.Earth podcast interview. “As a branding exercise, there’s a lot we can do and build around this domain name. The Earth is our domain overall, and it goes well beyond a .com domain name. We are really excited about leveraging it.”

The specialized news site continues to rise in the Alexa rankings, gaining further momentum as destination platform for any kind of wildlife content.

To learn more about the successes of Roaring.Earth, and how the organization helped to ensure that .Earth is recognized by comScore, please click here.



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