How Enhanced Rock Weathering Can Combat Climate Change


Continuing with our theme of innovative and creative ideas to combat climate change, we have come across a very intriguing solution that involves the weathering of rocks.

The concept is called Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) and it’s centered around the idea that certain types of rocks, when weathered, can naturally absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. And these weathered rocks pull carbon out of the air more inexpensively than machines.

Studies even suggest that enhancing this natural weathering process could capture billions of tons of CO2 annually. Though here’s the challenge: can the process be scaled?

Scaling up rock weathering to make a meaningful impact on a global scale requires significant infrastructure and logistics. It involves mining, grinding the rocks to increase their surface area, and then distributing them over large areas of land. Additionally, careful monitoring is needed to understand the long-term effects on ecosystems.

This concept certainly has potential to be a significant climate solution. And fortunately, within our .Earth tribe, we have several organizations already working with ERW:

  • Cabon.Puro.Earth: The organization has developed the first ERW carbon crediting methodology. Learn more here.
  • InPlant.Earth: The organization is removing gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere while regenerating soils in the tropics. Learn more here.
  • Vesta.Earth: The organization adds a carbon-removing sand made of the natural mineral olivine to coastal systems. This nature-based climate strategy reduces ocean acidity and removes carbon dioxide permanently.Learn more here.
  • GreenSequest.Earth: The organization removes carbon from the atmosphere by harnessing natures potential by using antigorite serpentinite rock. Learn more here.
  • Vaulterra.Earth: The organization leverages Enhanced Rock Weathering to remove carbon in order to support farmers. Learn more here.

Is your organization developing cutting-edge ERW solutions? The .earth web domain is ideal for enhancing your brands and communicating your mission of using this intriguing solution to combat climate change.

To learn more about the .earth domain, visit Voices.Earth. In addition, many organizations and individuals are sharing their voices about the benefits of a .earth domain in our Voices.Earth podcast series.


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