Maximizing Your .Earth Domain Name to Help Save the Planet


From many environmental organizations joining the fight to protect our planet in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential win to the recent one-year anniversary of the public launch of the .Earth domain extension, a major movement is happening right now to help save our planet.

As a part of this effort, a wide-range of organizations are fully embracing .Earth domain extensions, which is helping them to strengthen their online branding efforts and showcase how they are helping the planet.

However, since the public launch of the .Earth domain, we have seen some organizations that might secure a domain, but not effectively put it to good use. These organizations have either not launched corresponding websites and landing pages, or registered them only for defensive purposes, or simply redirected them.

For example, here’s a list of some domains that have been secured, but not yet fully maximized – and why they should be fully activated:

  • BBC.Earth: From the return of “Plant Earth II” to its 2001′s landmark oceanic series “Blue Planet,” the BBC has a long-history of creating top quality Earth-related content. 
  • Duke.Earth: Duke University has a vibrant school of earth and ocean sciences that focuses on everything from the impact of climate change to wetland restoration and water issues.
  • Walmart.Earth: This mega-retailer is putting forth a huge sustainability effort that aims to reduce operational emissions by 18 percent by 2025, as well as adding no waste to landfills in key markets such as Canada and the United States. 
  • Ersi.Earth: As the leading provider of geographic information systems (GIS), Esri has the opportunity to showcase how its solutions are used for environmental conservation through the creation of a special landing page – as opposed to just using the domain as a redirect.

As we have highlighted before, now is a critical time to “fight back in the name of Earth.” As such, we hope that these organizations will put their .Earth domain extensions to the best possible use.

If your organization wants to join us in this fight, we recommend that you secure and fully maximize your very own .Earth domain. Please click here to secure your domain now.


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