New Study: Climate Change Negatively Impacting Sleep


Members of the .Earth Tribe Offering Natural Solutions for Better Sleep

As if living in today’s hyper-connecting world is not already negatively impacting our ability to get a good night of sleep, the warming of temperatures is also hindering our ability to be rested.

According to a new study, warming temperatures is eroding 45 hours of sleep per person per year by influencing people to fall asleep later and wake up earlier. The study also estimated that we all will lose 50 hours of sleep per year by the end of the century.

As always, the .Earth domain tribe is ahead of the curve when it comes to developing services and solutions aimed at enhancing the betterment of life for all on Earth.

Here are examples of .Earth domain users offering sleep-enhancing solutions:

  • Rea.Earth: Offering guided meditations to unlock the infinite potential of the mind, body, and soul, Rea.Earth meditations also can enhance sleep. Learn more here.
  • Soul.Earth: As a provider of eco-friendly fashion, skin care and other consumer goods, Soul.Earth also provides its “Calm Sutra Sleep Tea” to help with sleep. Learn more here.
  • Woven.Earth: Provider of CBD solutions for enhancing overall wellness, Woven.Earth also offers sleep capsules. Learn more here.
  • SacredNature.Earth: Aimed at focusing on the healing nature of medicinal plants, SacredNature.Earth also offers a spagyric sleeping tincture. Learn more here.
  • Amala.Earth: As a provider of a wide-range of eco-friendly consumer products, Amala.Earth also offers natural sleep-boosting essential oils. Learn more here.

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