New UN Report’s Grim Climate Change Predictions Reinforce Earth Day 2022 Theme


Parts of our planet to become completely uninhabitable, which points to the need to invest in our planet

Earlier this week, a new UN climate report, prepared by 270 top scientists from 67 countries, shared some alarming news when it comes to the state of global climate change. Rising sea levels, drought, extreme heat and a surge in disease-carrying insects, will not only drastically change the way we live, but cause increased death and malnutrition. In addition, life in some locations on the planet is rapidly reaching the point where it will be too hot for the species that live there to survive.

These grim projections were detailed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations body dedicated to providing policymakers with regular assessments of the warming world.

“I have seen many scientific reports in my time, but nothing like this,” U.N. Secretary General António Guterres said in a statement.

However, top scientists also say the world still can choose a less catastrophic path, but the window of time to do that is short. Swift and significant action needs to happen to help stave off the worst predictions. We need to collectively take urgent action to curb rising temperatures and limit the effects of climate change.

Fortunately, Earth Day organizers understand this too and are working tirelessly on the issue with this year’s Earth Day 2022 theme being “Invest In Our Planet.”

“We have the power to accelerate innovative climate action plans, to restore our Earth, and to build a healthy planet,” said Kathleen Rogers, President of EarthDay.Org, in this press statement about the IPCC report. “It is truly going to take all of us to Invest In Our Planet.”

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