Duran Duran Pioneering Eco-Friendly ‘NFTrees’ Initiative


Never a pop group to shy away from being on the cutting-edge of pretty much everything, Duran Duran launched a new eco-friendly NFT with artwork that will be accompanied by the planting of a living native species tree in Jardine Park, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Called ‘NFTrees,’ this new initiative is in response to the first series of 100 NFTs the band offered to celebrate the band’s 2021 single called “Invisible.” These NFTs sold out in 24 hours, and they wanted to find a way to counter crypto-driven carbon emissions by gifting an NFTree to those who originally purchased the “Invisible” NFT.

These new NFTs contain images of trees styled the same as the original NFTs from the “Invisible” collection – with the goal of reforesting the world with native trees.

“People really enjoyed the original NFTs and they sold out within 24 hours… but of course we were concerned about carbon issues and what does it take to create an NFT?” said Nick Rhodes, the band’s band co-founder/keyboardist, in this Billboard article. “I think as human beings we all have a responsibility to think about the planet as we get older and think about the next generation and what we’re leaving them.”

In 2016, the Voices.Earth blog made note of how Duran Duran were actually eco-friendly visionaries, as highlighted in their 1981 single “Planet Earth.” With the lyric of “Look now, look all around. There’s no sign of life,” it is clear that the band knew that challenging times were coming to our planet.

Now Duran Duran is ahead of the curve when it comes to using NFTs to counter climate change. Much like the band itself, a number of members of the .Earth domain tribe are using NFTs to fund a wide-range of climate-related causes. These include saving endangered species to protecting the Amazon Rainforest.

As NFTs continue to grow in popularity and gain more mainstream acceptance, we will likely see more musical acts and organizations finding innovative ways to fund climate-related cause in 2022, and beyond, using this new Internet paradigm.

In the meantime, Duran Duran is doing its part to ensure that there will be “signs of life” on our planet – now’s the time for everyone to follow their lead.

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