Plant a Tree: Give the Ultimate Gift to Earth This Holiday


In today’s hyper consumer world, the economic success of the holiday season is measured by how well retailers perform, which is fueled by the continuous push for people to spend more and more money on gifts for their loved ones.

As we all know, the sugar-like rush that comes from receiving consumer goods as gifts is very short lived, and often leaves many feeling empty and hollow. As such, now is the time to reclaim the true meaning of the holiday season by giving a gift that helps ensure the survival of our planet.

Through December 31st, for each new .Earth domain registered, our partner Mossy.Earth will plant a native fire-resistant tree in a region of Portugal recently devastated by wildfires.

The organization is also re-introducing large grazing herbivores such as the Iberian cows and the wild horses to help manage the shrub overgrowth. Ultimately, this will allow nature to take its course.

Giving a gift in the form of a tree is the ultimate gesture for both loved ones and planet Earth.

And this special effort is already working! To date, Mossy.Earth has planted more than 300 trees in the region, and we expect to have more than 500 domains registered by the time the campaign ends. Check out our on-the-ground update from Duarte de Zoeten, one of the founders of Mossy.Earth, here.

It’s not too late for a last-minute holiday gift in the form of a .Earth domain! All you have to do is click here to secure a domain for a loved one.

If you have already registered a .Earth Domain after November 15th, 2017 and would like an update on the status of the tree that was planted in the honor of your new .Earth domain, fill out the form on our project page.

Happy holidays to everyone from the .Earth domain registry!


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