.Earth Second Year Anniversary Project

We Celebrated the .Earth Domain Second Anniversary By Helping to Re-Forest the Planet


In partnership with Mossy.Earth, we planted one tree for each new domain registered from November 15th to December 31st, 2017.


For each new .Earth domain purchased during the campaign period, a new tree was planted in a region recently devastated by the 2017 wildfires in Portugal.


In total, 500 native trees were planted in the Douro Valley, Portugal. All are mapped out here: https://go.earth/map

.Earth Registrars

*The campaign has ended, but you can still register you very own .Earth domain at any of the registrars below.

By Securing Your Own .Earth Domain Name Now

Mossy.Earth will plant a tree in Portugal’s Douro Valley, an area that was devastated by the recent wildfires. A World Heritage Site in the northeast of the country, the Douro Valley is famous for its Port wine, almonds and olive oil production. View the the wildfire damage and Mossy.Earth team in action below.

Mossy.Earth Re-Foresting and Re-Wilding

This effort goes beyond just planting a tree, and will focus on completely re-foresting the area with a variety of native fire-resistant trees. Mossy.Earth will also support the re-introduction of large grazing herbivores such as the Iberian cows and the wild horses to help manage the shrub overgrowth. Ultimately, this will allow nature to take its course.