Time is Running Out on .earth Domain Name Earth Day 2016 Discounts


Planet Earth is reaching a critical tipping point where every human being must stand up and make a difference to ensure a stable quality of life for all future generations.

While this statement may seem bold, it is backed by science.

Research has shown that nearly one-fifth of Earth’s plants are threatened with extinction, that climate change could lead to North Africa and the Middle East becoming ‘uninhabitable’ – and climate change is taking a toll on ocean oxygen levels.

Fortunately, there are ways to make a difference. Individuals can alter their daily habits to benefit the health of our planet. Countries can stay true to the Paris Agreement and move away from using fossil fuels and invest more in green energy, while businesses and organizations can become true leaders in environmental responsibility.

You too can join the global effort by supporting “Earth” as a brand unto itself. As we have highlighted before, this is the process whereby we create a unique image about our planet in the minds of all citizens around the world.

Everyone from environmental advocacy groups to global corporations can support this branding effort by embracing the new .earth domain extension. And, time is running out for our special Earth Day 2016 discount.

From now until May 31st, select registrars are offering exclusive discounts to secure a new .earth domain: 

Hurry now and join the pledge to become ambassadors for Earth by securing a new .earth domain!


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