The Rise of Ubiquitous Geospatial Solutions


From government to businesses and even average consumers, location data has become the foundation for helping anyone make the right decisions. Whether it’s for supporting military missions or mapping the supply chain or even getting driving directions, we all live in a geospatially-enabled world.

Since 2007, Thermopylae Sciences & Technology has been at the forefront of providing web-based geospatial solutions for government and industry. The award-winning company develops customized geospatial data visualization solutions based on Google’s solutions, which have benefited larger enterprises, as well as government agencies like USAID.

As highlighted at this week’s GEOINT 2016 Conference, we are experiencing a renaissance period where geospatial mapping technologies have become mainstream for collaboration and information sharing.

Thermopylae Sciences & Technology will continue to be at the forefront of this revolution by developing next-generation solutions that help any organization achieve business growth and government mission success.

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