VIDEO: A Re-Creation of the Iconic Big Blue Marble Earth Photo


Fifty years ago, astronauts aboard the Apollo 17 moon mission took a dramatic photo of Earth, which was dubbed the “Big Blue Marble.”

The iconic image inspired what is called the “overview effect,” as well as the classic PBS children’s TV show “The Big Blue Marble.” The overview effect is a shift in our awareness of Earth, once it’s viewed from outer space.

Now scientists have re-created the photo by using new digital technologies to simulate climate activities. The effort is sponsored by the European Union’s Destination Earth project, which aims to create a “digital twin” of Earth to better forecast extreme weather and guide preparation plans.

Watch the full video below:

Speaking of the “overview effect,” listen to our 2020 Voices.Earth podcast with Janine Geijsen, Director at SpaceBuzz.Earth, an organization that aims to have all children experience this phenomenon, and hopefully inspire them to become ambassadors of Earth.

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