Voices.Earth Podcast Series Hits 100th Episode Milestone!


Top 10 Podcast Interviews with Happy .Earth Domain Users

When the .Earth domain officially launched in November 2015, we embarked on an ambitious podcast series called Voices.Earth, which shines a light on all of the amazing .Earth domain users that make the world a better place.

Fast-forward to nearly five years later, and the .Earth domain tribe has grown at an accelerated pace, and exceeded all expectations. From artists to scientists to healers to environmental non-profits to space-science companies, there is no shortage of happy users – as well as those outside to the .Earth tribe – that have been interviewed for our podcast series.

This is why we are excited to announce that the Voices.Earth podcast series recently published its 100th episode. To celebrate this epic milestone, we are highlighting the ten most popular interviews below.

  • #10 – Mossy.Earth: Duarte de Zoeten, one of the founders of Mossy.Earth, discussed his social enterprise that makes a positive impact on the state of the planet’s wildernesses and forests by planting trees. Listen to the full episode here. In addition, be sure to check out our case study with Mossy.Earth, and learn more about our .Earth second anniversary tree-planting campaign with this special organization here.
  • #9 – Blueturn.Earth: Michael Boccara, co-founder and Chief Machinist, and Jean-Pierre Goux, Chief Dreamer of Bueturn.Earth, discussed how viewing Earth from outer space can transform how humans perceive and interact with our planet and its precious resources. Listen to the full episode here.
  • #8 – Naturescape.Earth: Phil Lomas, the Founder of Naturescape.Earth and renowned Australian cinematographer and photographer, discussed his multi-media website that features nature videos and photos. Listen to the full episode here.
  • #7 – Greater.Earth: Arthur Woods, the resident artist of Greater.Earth, discusses his effort to promote a new perception that is based on Earth’s true cosmic dimensions to catalyze an optimistic path to a sustainable and prosperous future. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • #6 – Access.Earth: Matt McCann, CEO and Founder of Access.Earth, discussed his vision for making travel easier for people with disabilities. Listen to the full episode here.
  • #5 – PlanB.Earth: Tim Crosland, the Director of PlanB.Earth, discussed how the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines is launching a legal case to make fossil fuel companies accountable for causing extreme weather events. Listen to the full episode here.
  • #4 – Sending a Climate Change Skeptic to Earth: Cam Walker of Friends of Earth Australia discussed his organization’s funny PR campaign aimed at raising money to send a climate change denier to space. Listen to the full episode here.
  • #3 – Uniti.Earth: Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti.Earth, discussed how his company is reinventing city transportation with its mass-market electric city car that brings a new approach to safety and sustainability. Listen to the full episode here.
  • #2 – MadeByNoble.Earth: Kate Prince, the founder of MadeByNoble.Earth, discussed the value of the .Earth tribe and how her company is offering nutrient rich all-natural drinks full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids and vegan plant proteins. Listen to the full episode here.
  • #1 – Eyeson.Earth: For our most listened-to episode, James Richardson and Dennis Dimick, co-founders of Eyeson.Earth, discussed their new effort to inspire the next generation of environmental photographers. Listen to the full episode here.

We look forward to airing our next 100 episodes! Click here to access the full Voices.Earth podcast series. In addition, please click here to learn more about how you can join the .Earth domain tribe.


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