When it comes to new Smart City trends, the city of the future will be grounded in sustainable building design and transportation – offering citizens new ways to live and prosper in urban environments – where innovation is the backbone for everything.

Countries like Sweden often lead the way when it comes to new Smart City developments, as is the case with Uniti.Earth. The new Swedish startup is developing an electric car that is optimized for urban environments with a user experience that replaces “press and pull” with “touch and swipe.” Aiming for delivery in 2019, these cars will also offer a recyclable carbon fiber body, and an organic composite interior.

Lewis and his team opted to use a .Earth domain to convey how the company’s mission spans well beyond just traditional commerce.

“We structured our company to showcase our intention of having a positive impact on the environment and society,” said Lewis. “So for us, having a .com domain name did not make sense, and we don’t even own the .com name – nor do we want it. And, overall, the .Earth domain name really fits our overall brand.”

Here are some other key highlights from the interview:

  • Insights about Uniti.Earth, and how the idea about changing transportation in cities came about. (:40)
  • What makes Uniti’s vehicles unique. (2:33)
  • Insights into the company’s latest crowd funding campaign. (4:38)
  • Why Uniti decided to use a .Earth domain name. (6:45)
  • What the future holds for Uniti.Earth. (8:45)

To learn more about Uniti, please click here. If your organization is also developing new innovations that are transforming how people live in urban environments, please secure your own .Earth domain namehere.