A Conversation with Kathleen James: Candidate for Vermont State Representative Fighting Climate Change


The emerging green economy is changing the face of the job market and skillsets of workers. Fortunately, more political candidates are building their platforms on this vision. One such innovative candidate is Kathleen James, who is running for State Representative in Vermont, also known as the “Green Mountain State.”

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Kathleen felt disheartened by the tone politics had taken in the country, but it motivated her to take action and run for political office.

Understanding that Vermont has a real opportunity to be a leader in the country on establishing a green economy, Kathleen built her platform around fighting climate change while creating new jobs and economic opportunities. She believes that both can be done simultaneously, and they can work together for a better world.

“Climate change is the issue of our time and I encourage people to look where candidates stand on it,” said Kathleen. “Because, if any candidate does not put the environment at the center of their platform, that person should be looked at hard as to why. Making climate change a priority in the next elections can make a huge impact for Earth.”

Following are other highlights from this podcast interview:

  • More about Kathleen and why she is running as State Representative. (1.00)
  • Kathleen’s vision for a building a strong green economy in Vermont (3.01)
  • Programs and initiatives in Vermont that are helping to draw younger people to the state. (4.58)
  • The urgent need for climate and its cost to society. (7.30)
  • Kathleen’s strategy leading up to the November 6th (8.15)

To learn more about Kathleen James, please click here. And, if you or your organization are also looking for an additional way to help fight climate change, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of The Manchester Journal  and George Forbes.


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