Momentum.Earth is a Powerful App Transforming Productivity


While productivity and goal-setting has become a key trend in the business world, most people still find that keeping up with everything can be a major challenge.

In order to best manage our ever-growing to-do lists, and help us stay focused, Nik Deierlein, the co-founder of Momentum.Earth, has designed a next-generation productivity app that will help anyone achieve their personal and professional goals.

Momentum.Earth is built using an innovative technology that is an extension of ourselves so it can help us “best manage our thoughts.” By giving people the ability to zoom in and out from the smallest details of their lives to the bigger picture, Momentum.Earth takes a holistic approach to ensure that goals connect to our projects and ideas, and ultimately, to the pursuit of these efforts.

For the app domain, Momentum chose to use .Earth because the accessibility and unity of it strongly resonated with Momentum’s mission.

“We are passionate about the bigger picture – and what is bigger than a country specific domain, but a .Earth domain,” said Deierlein. “Our purpose at Momentum is to unite us all globally, and since our technology is broadly available, anywhere in the world, with any device, a .Earth domain made perfect sense to us.”

Following are some other highlights from this podcast interview:

  • How the idea of Momentum came about. (.54)
  • How Momentum supports David Allen’s popular Getting Things Done philosophy. (1.58)
  • The multi-layers of Momentum’s workflow, and why it’s important. (3.49)
  • Why Momentum uses a .Earth domain name. (5.54)
  • What the future holds for Momentum. (6.50)

To learn more about Momentum, please click here. In addition, if you have a technology or app with a globally unifying purpose, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.


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