ConsciousCreations.Earth Founder Discusses the Path to True Transformation


Today’s entrepreneurs are often the most creative and enlightened when it comes to developing new products and services. Aravel Garduno is a prime example of a business leader who went through a transformational journey to discover who she truly was, and this led to the creation of ConsciousCreations.Earth.

After 25 years of working in the jewelry business, she discovered the “true gems” in her being and awareness, and discovered that she was a conscious medium and a healer who is deeply connected to the crystalline energies.

Today, she focuses on making hand-crafted crystal skull jewelry, which are designed enhance higher-level energy that reinforce both joy and love. Now, ConsciousCreations.Earth offers a wide-range of crystal skull designs, which include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Aravel’s personal and business missions are tied to the planet, and the .Earth domain was a perfect fit for her e-commerce site.

“When I saw that .Earth was an option, I was beyond delighted because my work is inclusive of ‘Mother Earth,’ and my journey has been about a connection to Earth,” said Aravel. “And to come back to the conscious awareness that everything is one and connected, the .Earth domain name happened to be the missing piece, and it rings true for me in the depth of my being.”

Here are some more highlights from this interview:

  • Aravel’s journey and how the idea of ConsciousCreations.Earth came about. (:30)
  • Why hand crystal skull jewelry are very unique. (2:25)
  • Aravel’s background and how she came to be passionate about gems. (6:00)
  • Avavel’s passion for “Mother Earth” and why she chose a .Earth domain name. (7:02)
  • What the future holds for ConsciousCreations.Earth. (8:37)

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