Replenish.Earth and ‘Giving More Than We Are Taking’


In order for humanity to survive and prosper, we need to shift our philosophical standpoints to help us live in harmony with nature and “give more than we take.” This is the vision behind Replenish.Earth, an organization that aims to save the natural resources that we share by also shifting our economic approaches.

This concept is being further advanced by the organization’s World Replenish Index (WRI), which aims to transcend the GDP. Moving our financial investments towards replenishing our planet and regenerating Earth, the WRI justifies the use of ecosystem services for economic success. It also endorses products and services that are inspired and supported by nature.

To help support this highly progressive vision, Tia and her team decided to use a .Earth domain name.

“We knew that our name, Replenish Earth, had to be represented in the domain name,” said Tia. “It’s all about abundance, as much as it is being in alignment with the future of the planet, which comes across in the name.”

Here are some other key highlights from this podcast:

  • The vision and mission behind Replenish.Earth. (:51)
  • Insights into the power behind the World Replenish Index. (1:44)
  • Why “investing into the environment” is important, and why we need to be more aware of the products we consume. (6:13)
  • Why Tia decided to use a .Earth domain name. (15:31)
  • What the future holds for Replenish.Earth. (16:15)

For more information about Replenish.Earth, please click here. In addition, you can purchase a copy of the book “Replenish” here, which Tia edited and features insights from the top minds in this new frontier.

If you are launching an organization that also has a vision transforming our economic behaviors to be more in line with helping the planet, please click here to secure your own .Earth domain name.


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