DeepGreen.Earth Embraces a Deep Green Worldview


The deep green worldview sees all living and non-living forms as being truly valuable, and not existing solely for the benefit of humans. Much of this philosophy is being driven by overpopulation, and a need to move away from the industrialized mode of human society.

Joe Gray is a passionate follower and promoter of this philosophy, and uses his DeepGreen.Earth to promote the deep green worldview. In addition, he uses the site to promote his peer-reviewed eco-centric journal called The Ecological Citizen, which aims to challenge the idea of human supremacy on Earth.

“The .Earth domain has a nice underlying ethic, which is all about doing good,” said Gray. “It also perfectly expresses the center of value of the deep green worldview, which is the Earth itself. In a sense, it was perfect for me.”

Following are some other highlights from this podcast interview:

  • An overview of DeepGreen.Earth, and the deep green worldview. (:50)
  • More about Joe and his Ecological Citizen publication. (2:20)
  • Why Joe chose to use a .Earth domain. (4:03)
  • What the future holds for yourself and DeepGreen.Earth (5:00)

To learn more about DeepGreen.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are also an eco-visionary and would like to launch your own personal website using a .Earth domain name, please click here.




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