LiveIt.Earth Offers Real-Time, Live Educational Experiences


The educational landscape is transforming at a rapid pace, where students now have access to real-time, live and highly immersive learning experiences. This is especially vital when it comes to teaching the next generation about the importance of nature and our planet.

LiveIt.Earth is leading this effort by providing students with dynamic, digital access to scientists who share their expertise and passion from the field. The company is quickly evolving into being the Netflix for nature films.

Irvine also believes that using a .Earth domain name reinforces the power of LiveIt.Earth’s brand.

“When you are really focused on nature literacy, and you find a domain that reflects that – that’s a good basis,” said Irvine. “The .Earth domain makes perfect sense for us. We are very happy with it, and have had a good response from our partners.”

Here are some more highlights from this interview:

  • More about LiveIt.Earth’s mission of “connecting students with experts in the field for real-time educational experiences from sea to space.” (:30)
  • An update on some of the company’s recent projects, including the Robert Bateman – Art in 360 effort. (3:15)
  • Earth’s plan for launching productions in as many schools as possible in British Columbia in the fall. (4:49)
  • Why they chose to use a .Earth domain name. (6:07)
  • The future vision for LiveIt.Earth. (6:36)

To learn more about LiveIt.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are launching your own nature content business, and would like to secure a .Earth domain name, please click here.


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