ThinkandAct.Earth Focuses on Global Solutions in Sustainability and Wellness


By changing the way we think and act, human beings can embrace a new paradigm shift that focuses on overall sustainability, integral wellness and a symbiotic way to manage survival resources. This comes down to addressing root causes to global problems and adopting homesteading, a lifestyle of self-sufficiency through subsistence agriculture, and home preservation of food.

ThinkandAct.Earth is a foundation that aims to achieve this vision of sustainability and wellness by focusing on its three key principles of technical efficiency, restorative sustainability, and integral wellness through research and social advocacy.

The organization also moved away from using a .com domain, and embraced the use of a .Earth domain name.

“We wanted to represent our foundation properly, and did not just want to use a conventional .com name,” said Frei. “We wanted something that brings people towards Earth wellness. The .Earth domain was fitting for this, and allows us to apply our planetary intents and goals.”

  • More about ThinkandAct.Earth, and its overall mission. (:27)
  • The three pillars of the organization’s mission. (1:10)
  • The organization’s “think” and “act” approaches. (1:40)
  • Why they chose to use a .Earth domain. (3:26)
  • How to get involved in ThinkandAct.Earth. (4:06)

To learn more about ThinkandAct.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are launching your own sustainability initiative, and would like to secure a .Earth domain name, please click here.



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