Fossil Fuel Companies Under Legal Fire for Causing Extreme Weather Events in the Philippines


When it comes to climate change, sometimes taking legal action is the best route. For example, in the Philippines, the country’s human rights commission is currently examining whether large international fossil fuel companies are violating the human rights of its citizens.

Responding to a complaint by typhoon victims, and led by Greenpeace Southeast Asia, this effort aims to hold oil, gas and coal companies responsible for deaths and financial losses a result of climate change.

This is a timely petition given the rise in deadly weather conditions in the region. From 1947 to 2014, the Philippines experienced 10 deadly typhoons with 5 of these occurring since 2016. In addition, Super Typhoon Yolanda killed 6,300 people, and displaced more than 4 million citizens, in 2013.

The responsibility falls into the hands of 50 big investor-owned fossil fuel companies that are responsible for grave violation of human rights, according to this unprecedented case. The companies include Chevron, ExxonMobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhilips, who are being held accountable for contributing a large share of the carbon dioxide and methane emissions now driving climate change.

Plan B is taking an active role to support this strategic climate change litigation by submitting an amicus brief to the court. The organization is also providing analysis and insights into the complex details of this case to help enhance and influence the potential outcomes.

Finally, the recent U.S. Presidential election points to an increased need for this type of unified approach to collectively tackle climate change in the face of large political opposition. According to Tim, we need to find a “Plan B” and take our actions to the courts.

We would like to thank Tim for speaking with us about this very important legal case. To learn more about Plan B, please click here. In addition, please listen to our previous podcast interview with Tim where he discusses the vision and mission behind Plan B, as well as why he chose to use a .Earth domain name here.


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