Gravity.Earth Offers Digital Identity Solutions for a Mobile World


Approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide do not have an official proof of identity. For this reason, they lack access to basic services like insurance, loans or mobile communication.

To help meet this need, Gravity allows anyone to create a self-sovereign, secure digital identity based on certified personal data – with attributes that include bio data, education, health data, official identity documents and credit history.

The company’s digital identity infrastructure helps individuals to establish a trusted identity that is independent from public infrastructures and is non-dependent on official identity documents, postal addresses or banking systems.

The Gravity team chose a .Earth domain name because it supports its mission of having everyone on the planet to have a trusted digital identity.

“We want everyone on Earth to be able to build a trusted identity and a trusted economic profile,” said Johannes. “When we saw the Earth domain, we thought it fits very well with our mission. And, it’s a very cool domain name.”

Following are some highlights from this podcast interview:

  • More about Gravity and its mission and offerings. (:43)
  • How Gravity is helping to meet a major market need. (2:19)
  • More about the user journey, and how Gravity’s identity management solutions help refugees. (4:55)
  • Why Gravity chose to use a .Earth domain name. (7:02)
  • What the future holds for Gravity. (7:37)

To learn more about Gravity please click here. And, if you are launching a company that aims to help meet the challenges of everyone on Earth, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.


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