JuJusNature.Earth Offers Custom Jewelry Inspired by Mother Nature


Often the best treasures in life come directly from Mother Nature, especially when it comes to gems and stones. JuJus Nature uses these pieces – found anywhere on Earth – from beaches to even parking lots to make its beautiful custom jewelry.

Now, Jewel Samsey has brought to life this vision by letting anyone experience her jewelry through the JuJusNature.Earth e-commerce site, which offers beach stone, natural gem stone, beach glass and oil diffuser jewelry. Her diverse collections reinforce her respect for nature, and bring awareness to the life and beauty that we receive everyday from Mother Nature.

In addition, Jewel has partnered with the One Tree Planted organization, where $1 dollar from each purchase goes towards planting a tree. This is very similar to the 2017 .Earth domain campaign where we partnered with Mossy.Earth to have a new tree planted in a region in Portugal that was devastated by wildfires for each new .Earth domain registered.

In terms of using a .Earth domain name, Jewel wanted a domain that would stand out, and reinforce how her overall brand is connected to nature.

“Websites with .com and .net are so boring to me, and everybody is a .com,” said Jewel. “I am working towards Earth, nature and the environment and what better way to put nature and Earth together. .Earth is my main domain, and it is ideal for what I am doing today.”

Following are some highlights from this podcast interview:

  • About JuJus Nature’s offerings and overall mission. (:45)
  • More about JuJus Nature’s products and its oil diffuser jewelry. (2:43)
  • Insights into Jewel’s vision of bringing awareness to the life and beauty that we receive, everyday, from Mother Nature. (5:00)
  • More about Jewel’s partnership with One Tree Planted. (6:48)
  • Why Jewel chose to use a .Earth domain name. (8:02)
  • What the future holds for JuJus Nature. (9:03)

To learn more about JuJus Nature please click here. And, if you are launching an custom jewelry e-commerce site inspired by Mother Nature, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.



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