Astraea.Earth Harnesses the Power of Global Geospatial Data to Solve the World’s Biggest Challenges


From mitigating climate change to developing sustainable agriculture, Astraea aims to demystify the complexity of the planet through dynamic Earth-observation data.

With decades of experience using geospatial data in the intelligence, financial and scientific sectors, Astraea’s CEO and Co-Founder, Brendan Richardson, realized that traditional Earth-observation data was inefficient and costly. He believed that democratizing access to the data would enable human creativity to help solve some of our most significant challenges.

With a team of data scientists and software engineers, Brendan set out to build a one-stop Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that combines cutting-edge technologies and analytics-ready satellite imagery – bringing everyone closer to big geospatial data and giving them tools to analyze it at a fraction of the cost.

Sourced from leading public and private satellite operators, Astraea curates databases of global analytics-ready imagery for an unlimited amount of applications including renewable energy and natural resource management.

It also made perfect sense for Astraea to use a .Earth domain, especially considering how the name of his company ties into ushering a new “Golden Age” for the Earth leveraging geospatial data.

“We named the company Astraea after an ancient goddess known for being the final god to abandon humanity at the end of the First Golden Age when she ascended to the stars,” said Brendan. “There she watched over and protected the Earth, waiting to usher in the Second Golden Age. We believe that by connecting humanity to the heavens, we are like Astraea, are watching over Earth’s people to solve the world’s most challenging problems – as well as helping to usher in the Second Golden Age – through Earth-observation data.”

Following are some highlights from the podcast interview:

  • More about Astraea’s mission and history. (:46)
  • Insights into how Astraea’s products and solutions enable global-scale geospatial machine learning. (4:10)
  • Examples of how the Astraea platform can solve some of the planet’s most pressing challenges. (7:28)
  • Why Astraea chose to use a .Earth domain name. (14:33)
  • Astraea’s long-term vision for being the “Internet of Earth.” (16.42)

To learn more about Astraea, please click here. And, if you are a geospatial company aiming to help transform how we tackle global challenges, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.


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