Soar.Earth Creating the World’s First Fully Democratized Global Super-Map on the Blockchain


According to Amir Farhand, CEO and founder of Soar, nearly 80 percent of all satellite, aerial and drone imagery is only used once. But if re-used in a decentralized capability that uses the blockchain, the data has many additional uses, and can transform how global organizations use imagery.

With this vision in mind, Soar plans on building a Super-map of the Earth, which will become the ultimate platform and marketplace for global mapping needs. With additional data streams from higher resolution satellites, aerial imagery providers, as well as a target of over 1,000 drone operators globally, Soar will use blockchain technology to connect and share dynamic mapping data.

Soar, says Amir, is ultimately building a living map of the world to empower the next generation of mapping applications – in industries such as agriculture, environmental, logistics, insurance and even news and media.

A .Earth domain made for perfect branding sense for Soar because when people search “soar earth,” the company’s website rises to the top of Google rankings. In addition, it enhances its brand by tying the company to earth observation.

“As we build a Super-map of the Earth, no other domain makes as much sense for Soar,” said Amir. “.Earth is easy marketing for us. It’s truly a match made in heaven, especially when you consider all the ways the word Soar can connect to the Earth.”

Following are some highlights from the podcast interview:

  • About Soar, the organization’s mission and history. (:45)
  • The use of blockchain technology. (2:49)
  • Applications of Soar’s “super map”. (7:12)
  • Why did Soar choose a .Earth domain name. (12:42)
  • The future of Soar. (13:53)

To learn more about Soar, please click here. And, if you are launching a geospatial start up, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.


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