Reask.Earth on the Forefront of Catastrophe Risk Management and Forecasting


How are current climate conditions likely to impact catastrophe risk in the short to medium term? It’s never been easy to predict. And now with climate change, weather patterns are even more erratic, making it harder to forecast risks and catastrophes, which is vital for insurance companies.

Fortunately, Nick Hassam saw this need and created reask to better help insurance companies predict the next big catastrophe. By using cutting-edge data science to build views of the Earth system and its risks, insurance companies get an edge up by getting the full picture of a risk, moving beyond just a static view.

From analysis of complex climate teleconnection patterns, reask provides a global and connected view of risk using input from the current state of the climate, which continuously informs the likely storm trends each season.

The .Earth domain was an easy choice for Nick and his partners since their work involves an in-depth analysis of the Earth’s activities.

“The use of a .Earth domain reflects our approach to the Earth systems we work with – such as the atmosphere, hydrosphere, ocean and geology,” said Hassam. “It is pretty cool domain, and we get a positive response from clients because it associates us with our global and holistic approach to risk management.”

Following are some highlights from the podcast interview:

  • About reask, the company’s history and offerings for the global insurance industry. (:40)
  • Why – with the rise of more natural disasters – the insurance industry needs services and solutions like those of reask. (5:00)
  • Insights into reask’s 2018 Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Forecast. (7:35)
  • Why reask uses a .Earth domain name. (10:55)
  • What the future holds for reask. (11:43)

To learn more about reask, please click here. And, if your organization takes a global approach to helping to mitigate climate change risk, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.


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