Spark.Earth Helps to Enhance Personal and Professional Talents


Based in Zürich Switzerland, Spark.Earth helps people and companies with spiritual and creative development “to be free from anything that holds us back” explains co-founder Ariane Fischer, business coach and co-founder of Spark.Earth.

Fischer, along with co-founder HamSa Serena Olgiati, a holistic coach at Spark.Earth, “strive to get that spark back into the eyes” of their clients through offering yoga, reiki, systemic constellations, personal and business development, and much more.

And because Spark.Earth helps people build healthy relationships, both personal and professional, it positively effects the Earth, which is one of the reasons the duo chose a .Earth domain name.

“The mission statement of Spark emphasizes a relationship with our environment, which ties in perfectly with the use of the .Earth domain,” said Fischer. “In addition, the .Earth domain was a spiritual sign for us as both Spark and .Earth were launched within months of each other, making us feel it was meant to be.”

Following are some highlights from the podcast interview:

  • More about Spark.Earth and its overall mission. (.53)
  • The origins of Spark.Earth and how it contributes to Earth from a personal perspective. (2:17)
  • More about the organization’s vision of world in which autonomous, independent people join forces to express their talents with joy. (3:48)
  • How Spark.Earth collaborates with international partners. (4:51)
  • Why they chose the .Earth Domain. (5:57)
  • The future for Spark.Earth. (7:20)

To learn more about Spark.Earth, please click here. And, if you have an organization geared towards providing personal and professional development, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.




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