GreenGamers.Earth Reducing Devastating Effects of Climate Change Within the Online Gamer Community


When you think of climate change, the online gaming community does not immediately come to mind. But the reality is that gamers, as well as content streamers and creators, can play a major role in helping to reduce energy consumption and ensure the long-term viability of our planet.

GreenGamers.Earth represents the next wave of .Earth domain websites that are focused on promoting a healthy planet in highly niche communities. The website offers a wide-range of educational materials and content aimed at reducing both waste and any gamer’s carbon footprint.

Alex relies on donations from live streaming, as well as his “buy us a coffee” effort. In addition, Alex supports the One Tree Planted effort and has helped to plant 65 new trees in California, all based on the donations he has received for GreenGamers.Earth.

In terms of using a .Earth domain, Alex wanted a website that better supported his mission of saving the planet.

“A .Earth domain fits perfectly into what I’m doing with GreenGamers.Earth,” said Alex. “It’s also a conversation starter for people who are not aware of the new top level domains, and it offers a very unique way to help support our mission.”

Following are some highlights from this podcast interview:

  • More about GreenGamers.Earth, the websites history and mission, and more. (:46)
  • How the online community has responded to GreenGamers.Earth’s mission. (2:15)
  • Some of the environmental tips that the website offers. (3:37)
  • How GreenGamers.Earth supports itself through generous donations from the community. (5:22)
  • Why Alex chose to use a .Earth domain. (6:52)
  • What does the future hold for GreenGamers.Earth. (8:25)

To learn more about GreenGamers.Earth please click here. And, if you are launching website aimed at educating a niche community on the impacts of climate change, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.






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