Bantam.Earth Dedicated to Vivarium Enthusiasts


There is a tangible rise in the creation of .Earth websites and blogs that focus on highly specialized communities, moving considerably beyond traditional environmental organizations.

Bantam.Earth falls perfectly into this category. The website is a DIY-style blog dedicated to creating a community – and sharing relevant content – for vivarium enthusiasts. For those not familiar with this arena, a vivarium is an enclosed habitat for pets, which can include aquariums and terrariums.

The website offers tons of information that can help anyone interested in building vivariums, and allowing pets to thrive in a miniature ecosystem that mimics their natural environments.

From a branding perspective, Clemon chose a .Earth domain because it supports his effort to be an ambassador of the planet by creating mini-ecosystems. The dot in his .Earth website also represents the smaller worlds that enthusiasts are creating with their vivariums.

“Putting the words ‘bantam’ and ‘earth’ together conveys the concept of a mini-world,” said Clemon. “In addition, the domain name helps enhance the brand and communicate a deeper appreciation of a world outside of yourself, while also taking care of smaller ecosystem.”

Following are some highlights from this podcast interview:

  • More about Bantam.Earth, and its mission. (:44)
  • Insights into the content on Bantam.Earth. (2:40)
  • More about the business model behind Bantam.Earth. (5:18)
  • Why Clemon chose to use a .Earth domain name. (7:00)
  • What the future hold for Bantam.Earth. (10:13)

To learn more about Bantam.Earth please click here. And, if you are launching website geared towards any kind of niche community, consider using a .Earth domain name by clicking here.



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