HabitatOnMother.Earth Leverages AI to Create Sustainably Produced Food


By creating a self-sustaining culture where food production is more easily managed, then citizens can focus on more productive activities, beyond working to put food on the table.

In addition, traditional agricultural practices have led to soils with increased nitrogen, which increases overall greenhouse gas emissions. According to the EPA, 9.9 percent of greenhouse gas emissions were attributed to agriculture in 2018.

Artur Moustafa, CEO & Founder of HOME, has developed self-sustaining food production innovations that aim to address these challenges. The company offers AI-enhanced regenerative bio-systems and infrastructure for growing, selling, and distributing affordable, healthy and sustainable locally produced food.

The HabitatOnMother.Earth domain name is also an acronym for HOME, which is a very creative use of .Earth. The domain also plays prominently in the company’s overall brand.

“We felt like the use of .Earth was meant to be, and it would have been strange to add .com at the end,” said Artur. “Also, we don’t see ourselves as being a commercial thing. We are all about creating a regenerative system that helps regenerate Earth, our common habitat. And, I was happy when I learned that .Earth existed.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • More about HOME and its computer-aided regenerative Aquaponics solutions. (:51)
  • How Machine Learning and AI play into HOME’s solutions. (8:22)
  • An overview of HOME’s business model. (12:08)
  • Why HOME chose to use a .Earth domain. (13.49)
  • What the future holds for HOME. (15:03)

To learn more about HOME, please click here. In addition, if you are launching a company that is helping to produce food in a more sustainably way, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please click here.


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