Top 10 .Earth Domain Users Spreading Positivity Around the World


To quote the famous Burt Bacharach song, “what the world needs now is love, sweet love,” which seems very appropriate for the tumultuous times we are experiencing these days.

Since the .Earth domain is all about uniting individuals and organizations to make the world a better place, we thought we would inject some much-needed positivity in today’s news cycle.

As such, we have pulled together this definitive list of the top 10 .Earth domain users who making a positive change in our world.

  • #10: Perspective.Earth – Eric Michelson, the Founder of Perspective.Earth, aims to create global harmony by allowing diverse people with very different backgrounds to share their perspectives on his news site. Learn more here.
  • #9: WorldCow.Earth – DJ Barry, the Co-Creator of WorldCow.Earth, uses his cow-inspired artistic creations to help donate money to charities in Vermont. Learn more here.
  • #8: Mayla.Earth – Naamal De Silva, the Founder of Mayla.Earth, runs a platform that uses technology and partnerships to solve environmental problems and explore nearby nature. Learn more here.
  • #7: SOS.Earth – Charlotte Bonner, the Director of SOS.Earth, is empowering university students to advance efforts around sustainability and social justice. Learn more here.
  • #6: OYOO.Earth – Krissie Gwynne, the Co-Founder Chief of OYOO.Earth, connects consumers with planet friendly businesses with the vision of breaking people out of the normal patterns of using mass produced products, services and foods. Learn more here.
  • #5: TheFreeSpiritProject.Earth – Briar Jacques, the Co-Founder of the TheFreeSpiritProject.Earth, believes in blending wisdom traditions with the ability to be fully present in the moment, to help humans attain a more balanced life. Learn more here.
  • #4: InsideOut.Earth – Robert Lorrigan, the Founder of InsideOut.Earth, aims to help people to break free from limiting patterns of mainstream discourse and events of the past. Learn more here.
  • #3: SolarBear.Earth – Bob Blake, the Founder of SolarBear.Earth, has a vision for transforming Native American communities through the use of renewable energy. Learn more here.
  • #2: VillageoftheFuture.Earth – Daan Gorter, the Founder of VillageoftheFuture.Earth, is a true visionary who wants humanity to reach its full potential and live peacefully and purposefully. Learn more here.
  • #1: TheFountain.Earth – An internationally renowned spiritual teacher, Jyoti Ma, the Founder of TheFountain.Earth, aims to create a global economic system that is truly aligned with the Earth for the benefit of current and future generations. Learn more here.

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